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About A&R Worldwide

About A&R Worldwide

A&R Worldwide is an internationally respected, independent, forward-thinking, multi-faceted and all-encompassing company, specializing in music, media, technology, and relationships and their implementation and impact in the global marketplace. We are a client-centric firm whose mission is to provide valuable and impactful services that fulfill our client’s needs and increase their long-term creative business success.

Established in 1998, A&R Worldwide is a trailblazing company that has left an indelible mark on the global music industry. Our unwavering dedication to understanding the ever-evolving music business has fueled our success for over two decades.

What We Do

With our expertise in A&R, extensive network of international relationships, and insider knowledge of the music industry, we offer a comprehensive solution for talent discovery, development, consulting, marketing services, and invaluable connections. 

Our reach extends to vital entities in the music business, such as:

  • record labels
  • music publishers
  • booking agents
  • festival promoters
  • streaming platforms
  • music distributors
  • radio stations
  • managers
  • songwriters
  • producers
  • Emerging Technologies
  • ...And Many More

We pursue sync opportunities with:

  • Film
  • Television Shows
  • Movie Trailers
  • Video Games
  • Ad Agencies
  • Brands

At A&R Worldwide, our impressive Rolodex of relationships, global influence, and access to accelerator platforms form a central hub, connecting artists, music, and the entertainment industry, all while catering to the consumer.

Over the years, our dedicated team has facilitated countless deals and opportunities, including label signings, publishing agreements, licensing opportunities, sync placements, booking agency representation, management services, brand collaborations, essential media support, and much more.

Backed by decades of professional experience in the music and media industry, A&R Worldwide is highly regarded within the global music and entertainment community for our unparalleled talent discovery and development capabilities. We play a pivotal role in supporting artists, executives, and companies, contributing to their local, regional, national, and international successes.

Artists Signed
Executive VP, Global A&R, Atlantic Records Group

“Sat Bisla is one of the most genuine, passionate, and hard-working music executives, whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. He is a true connector of creatives around the globe, and the glue of the A&R community.”

Chief Strategy Office/EVP, Red Light Management & Partner, Greenlight Media/ATO Records (Dave Matthews Band, Radiohead)

“For over two decades, A&R Worldwide’s Sat Bisla has consistently been at the forefront of discovering and developing new talent. Sat has the gift of hearing music from artists that matter before the rest of the music industry.”

Executive Vice President & Head of FOX Entertainment Music

“I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with A&R Worldwide Founder Sat Bisla for decades. He’s a unique individual with an extraordinary presence, one that evokes the very essence of a mythical unicorn within the vast expanse of the music industry. Sat has had a profound impact on innumerable careers, as he has extended his wisdom and mentorship to countless musicians and executives, alike. It is an absolute honor to count myself as a member of his community alongside such an inspired group of esteemed individuals and trailblazers who are an endless source of inspiration within the business.”

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