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Artist Services

Artist Services

Empowering Artists to Succeed in a Competitive Music Industry.

At A&R Worldwide, our selection process for engaging with artists revolves around key criteria, which include the strength of their songs, authenticity, work ethic, the artist’s team, and their pop-cultural impact. Drawing on our decades of experience and impressive track record, we offer comprehensive A&R services, artist development, and market expertise to maximize an artist’s chances of success in the fiercely competitive music business.

Our philosophy centers on channeling our knowledge, abilities, and relationships towards the development and support of exceptional artists. As a result, our team has been involved with artists who have collectively amassed over one trillion streams across digital platforms and achieved billions in physical album and single sales worldwide.

How We Do It

When we recognize the potential in an artist and can support them in meaningful ways, our team creates a tailored “Discovery and Development” strategy based on their respective A&R and marketing needs, as well as their budget. Leveraging our extensive background in the global music and entertainment industries, we provide comprehensive support across all aspects of an artist’s development journey.

This includes, but is not limited to, facilitating introductions to our extensive network of personal relationships in the music industry

  • record labels
  • music publishers
  • management firms
  • festival promoters
  • brands
  • playlist curators and programmers
  • Tastemakers
  • gatekeepers
  • Talent Bookers (For Organizing Showcases)
  • Music Supervisors (for film, TV, movie trailers, videogames, and ad agencies)

A&R Worldwide delivers unrivaled expertise, insights and relationships across the global music industry.

Artists Signed
Executive VP, Global A&R, Atlantic Records Group

“Sat Bisla is one of the most genuine, passionate, and hard-working music executives, whom I have the pleasure of calling a friend. He is a true connector of creatives around the globe, and the glue of the A&R community.”

President & Founder, Glassnote Entertainment

“I have known Sat for many years. Sat has always championed music and artists from all over the globe. His international perspective and passion inspire me to look beyond the obvious places for new talent. Sat has introduced me to some of my most vital relationships in the music industry. Most days I am communicating with someone I met thanks to Sat and his team at MUSEXPO. Above all, I respect Sat as a family man and friend.”

Sr. Vice President, A&R, Red Bull Records

“A&R Worldwide’s Sat Bisla and his career spans decades and to maintain that incredible integrity all that time speaks volumes to his character. This is not just a job to Sat it’s his passion. His love for gatherings and networking is never ending and he has connected so many of us creative executives over the years. I am deeply honored to call Sat both a friend and colleague. Sat is a genuine soul and his connections in the industry are truly global. Sat has been an early champion of artists and executives who went on to be global household names. On top of developing his own company, he maintains true relationships with executives across the globe.”

Award Winning Producer/Remixer/Composer (Faithless, Dido, U2, UTRB)

“I have known Sat Bisla for almost 30 years – he’s been a huge support for not just my music, but much that is innovative, new, and original. Before pretty much anyone in the world knew of the existence of artists like Dido, Faithless, and Rob Dougan, he was shouting about them from the musical rooftops. As far as I’m concerned, he has such a ‘great ear,’ which I think in the music business is the most valuable thing you can have.”

President/Founder, Infectious Records (Board Member Mushroom Music Group)

“A&R Worldwide has always championed great new talent in a way that is sorely lacking these days. Their enthusiasm, knowledge, and networking are exactly what drives this great business. Their ability to link developing artists with music executives and radio producers and their unerring support to connect like-minded people on a worldwide basis is truly unique.”

Founder, Chugg Entertainment (Promoter: AC/DC, Coldplay, Pearl Jam, Sir Elton John)

“I have considered Sat Bisla a friend and an equal in our industry for over 30 years. Sat’s love of music and his extraordinary knack for putting great people together is second to none. He is an amazing supporter of music from all over the world and has helped many Australian bands on their way to international success, for us most notably Sheppard who Chugg Music is very proud of. If there is a music conference/showcase somewhere you have never heard of, Sat will be there discovering great new acts. We have shared magic moments all over the world including Perth, Toronto, Finland, London, LA, Dubai, NY, Portland, Austin, the San Fernando Valley, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and more, usually with a fine bottle of red.”

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