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A&R Worldwide Newsletter Vol. 820




MUSEXPO ( the renowned annual global music industry conference and showcase event, often dubbed the “United Nations of Music,” has confirmed more inspiring and respected music supervisors and film, TV, and videogame music executives to its burgeoning and stellar 2024 conference speaker lineup.

MUSEXPO takes place March 17 – 20, 2024 in Burbank, California “The Media & Sync Capital of the World,which is home to companies including Disney, Marvel Studios, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Pictures, Nickelodeon, The CW, ABC, FOX, Fremantle Media, NBCUniversal, Netflix Animation, Hulu, Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Pictures and many others, as well as many music supervisors and sync-focused companies.

This annual conference, which inaugurated its sync-focused panels and discussions back in 2005 (before most U.S. or international conferences), has been a trailblazer in emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between music and visual media. From film and TV to video games, movie trailers, promos, advertising, and on-demand platforms, MUSEXPO recognizes the omnipresence of music in our visual landscape.

Sync licensing continues to be an indispensable avenue for breaking songs and artists. As the industry landscape evolves, MUSEXPO remains at the forefront, championing the significance of synchronization in amplifying a musical narrative.

This year’s conference boasts an impressive lineup of key executives representing leading companies that shape the sync landscape. Among them are luminaries from APM, Electronic Arts, FOX Entertainment Television, Millennium Media, NBCUniversal, Netflix, Netflix Series Animation, Radish Music Supervision, Sound Advice, The Hello Group, Universal Pictures, VideoHelper, and many others. These industry titans will converge to share insights, trends, and strategies that drive the dynamic world of sync licensing.

As visual media consumption continues to diversify, the MUSEXPO conference serves as a crucial platform for professionals to delve into the nuances of sync licensing. Attendees can anticipate engaging discussions, impactful case studies, and valuable networking opportunities, all geared towards navigating the intricacies of music integration in visual storytelling.

In a world where the marriage of sound and image is more powerful than ever, MUSEXPO stands as a beacon, illuminating the path forward for artists, executives, and creatives alike in the ever-evolving realm of sync licensing.

MUSEXPO will also feature its popular Global Sync Summit where delegates at the event have face-to-face interaction with various music supervisors and sync executives to learn about current and future sync opportunities which labels, publishers, managers, artists, songwriters, composers, and creatives can present and pitch their work for.

For the full list of current MUSEXPO speakers, and the event program, click HERE.

For sponsorship, panelist, partnership, or showcase opportunities contact Sat Bisla at

To register to attend MUSEXPO, and for discounted hotel room rates, click HERE.





Concord Music Publishing recently announced the signing of Victor Rådström of NEIKED – the multi-Platinum selling Swedish producer and artist duo.

Nominated for a multitude of awards including an Ivor Novello and winning “Record of The Year” at The Swedish MPA Awards alongside an ASCAP Pop Award, NEIKED is a unique musical duo.

Pictured (L-R) are Harri Davies (Concord), Victor Radstrom, Kim Frankiewicz (Concord) and Adam Salomon

The group’s two biggest hits, “Sexual” and “Better Days,” have amassed one billion and 1.5 billion streams respectively. “Better Days,” is a wistful pop-funk bop featuring vocals from British singer-songwriter Mae Muller and American rapper Polo G, went Platinum in the U.S. and cracked the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 last year after spawning its own viral TikTok challenge. NEIKED has also worked with artists like Anne Marie, J Balvin, Jess Glynne, SZA, Zedd, Rudimental, Muni Long, and Nile Rodgers.

Harri Davies, Senior Director A&R at Concord Music Publishing said, “I have been in awe for some time at Victor’s approach to crafting songs and the sonic world he has built around the NEIKED project. You always know you are listening to a NEIKED song a few seconds in. It’s a skill very few possess, and we are excited to have him join us at Concord!”

Kim Frankiewicz, Executive VP Worldwide A&R, Concord Music Publishing added, “NEIKED are a creative force in their own very special lane. Victor is an incredible songwriter and with Mikael, he has created something truly unique. All of us at Concord are very happy to be working with Victor.”

Alistair Goldsmith, President & Co-Founder Chosen Music, and Adam Salomon, Sr. Artist Manager, Chosen Music, commented, “Kim and Harri showed commitment and passion for Victor’s songwriting and the vision for NEIKED that really set them apart. It’s the beginning of a new chapter for the NEIKED project on Atlantic Records and we are looking forward to the future opportunities this new partnership with Concord will afford Victor and his songwriting.”

NEIKED’s current single “You’re Hired” features Nigerian singer Ayra Starr, and blends Afropop with the duo’s signature bassline grooves. The new deal covers all new material going forward and is effective immediately.




Universal Music Group India (UMGI), and REPRESENT, a pioneering Indian independent talent management company, have announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the opportunities available for its artists. Under the leadership of Founder & CEO, Aayushman Sinha and its team, REPRESENT has quickly earned a reputation for shaping the future of Indian pop culture, while nurturing independent artists to achieve global recognition.

Through the strategic collaboration, REPRESENT’s talented roster will gain access to UMG’s global footprint across distribution, publishing, brands, and more, directly facilitating the growth and reach of their artists worldwide, empowering REPRESENT’s artists to create more music and an expanded ecosystem to foster their creativity. Some of the REPRESENT artists who will be distributed and supported under this strategic partnership include Anuv Jain, MC Stan, Zaeden, Lost Stories, Yashraj, Hanita Bhambri, Akanksha Bhandari, Kamakshi Khanna, Saahel, Savera, Kayan, OAFF and Jai Dhir.

Pictured Top Row is Yashraj. Pictured in Middle Row are Hanita Bhambri, Saahel, MC Stan, Zaeden, Anuv Jain, and Lost Stories. Pictured (L-R) Bottom Row are Kayan, Aayushman Sinha, Devraj Sanyal, and Sanujeet Bhujabal.

The companies will work together on artist development, fan engagement, and more. The alliance leverages the creative synergies, united in their commitment to push boundaries and support established, as well as emerging talent and help introduce new Indian music culture to a global audience.

This partnership between UMGI and REPRESENT, symbolizes another major milestone for the growth of Indian artists, combining REPRESENT’s blueprint for talent development with UMG’s expertise to develop artistry and elevate the independent music scene in India.

Devraj Sanyal, Chairman & CEO, Universal Music India & South Asia said, “We are delighted to announce this new strategic partnership with REPRESENT. Our combined efforts will empower their artists and fuel their creativity, help inspire audiences worldwide and elevate Indian music to new heights. With REPRESENT’s visionary approach and UMG’s global network and support, we are confident this collaboration will help shine a spotlight on some of India’s most exciting young talent.”

Aayushman Sinha, Founder & CEO, REPRESENT added, “Having worked with Universal Music Group across quite a few of our artists’ releases in the past and have been fortunate to be aligned in our thoughts to elevate the overall music industry and provide a platform for Indian artists to take their music global. This partnership is a step closer to achieving that. We bring some of our ace independent artists to the table as part of this deal and UMG brings its extensive resources and expertise – together driving the future of music.”

In recent years, UMGI has led the Indian music market in reflecting the diversity of genres and languages of music within the country. This strategic partnership with REPRESENT, alongside previously announced partnerships with Desi Melodies and TM Ventures, and the success achieved by UMG’s own VYRL labels, has transformed and kickstarted a new wave of original artist content that is captivating India’s music fans and charts and further heightens UMG India’s ambition to help shape the artist ecosystem, whilst supporting the independent music scene and burgeoning vibrant music culture in India.





Producer and songwriter Alex Wilke has signed a worldwide publishing deal with Position Music, as announced recently by Tyler Bacon, President & CEO, Position Music. The producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist specializes in piano, keyboard, and string arrangements across the pop, electronic, dance, and singer-songwriter genres. Wilke has had past releases with artists like Maddie Zahm, Leah Kate, Lexi Jayde, Jake Miller, and more.

Pictured (L-R) are Mark Chipello (Partner, Head of A&R, Position Music), Mike Torres (A&R, Position Music), Alex Wilke, Tyler Bacon (President & CEO, Position Music). Photo Credit: Delia Bush.

Wilke is the most recent signing since the unveiling of a raft of deals that have been announced by the Burbank, CA-based Position Music, whose publishing roster includes Dru “Falconry” DeCaro, KANNER, Jack LaFrantz, John “Feldy” Feldmann, Joe Kearns, Keith Varon, Sam Tinnesz, Yonatan Watts, No Love for the Middle Child, Kyle Reynolds, Krupa, Fantastic Negrito, ¿Téo?, Judah & the Lion, TeaMarrr, and others.

Alex Wilke stated, “I’ve often told myself that if I just focus on putting in the work and lifting up those around me, everything else will fall into place. Finding a publisher—and specifically an A&R in Mike [Torres]—that aligned with me on those values made signing with Position one of the easiest decisions I’ve made. From day one, I’ve been amazed by the reputation Position continues to uphold amongst my collaborators, as well as this team’s hunger for continued growth and bigger wins after a long track record of success.”

Mike Torres, A&R, Position Music commented, “I first came to know Alex through his remarkable organic production chops. After working with him I quickly realized how creatively diverse he is. On any day, Alex can deliver incredible dance tracks, K-Pop pitches, or beautiful songs with just a piano and his singing voice. Alex’s manager Doug DeLuca [Lineage Music Group] has a sharp strategic vision, profound industry expertise, and a great ear. I’m excited and grateful to be working with Alex and Doug.”


A&R Worldwide Exposed

Each week, A&R Worldwide shares a snapshot of creatives and executives that we have collaborated or worked with in various music markets around the world, albeit in recent or previous times!


A&R Worldwide has been a leader in fostering key relationships around the world with artists, creatives, and some of the world’s top music executives including A&Rs, publishers, booking agents, music supervisors, technology and digital entrepreneurs, radio programmers, curators, playlisters, influencers, brands, company leaders and many others in the world of pop culture. Enjoying a conversation in London, England was Sat Bisla (President & Founder, A&R Worldwide) with Ben Mortimer (President, Polydor Records). The two met back in 1997 when Ben Mortimer had started his first job at Virgin Records in London and was just beginning to hone his chops in artist and repertoire to eventually become a highly respected label A&R executive and eventually President of Polydor Records. Meanwhile, Bisla was a non-exclusive A&R consultant to over a dozen record label Presidents and CEOs in the U.S. and U.K., as well as advising key A&R executives, music publishers, agents and managers worldwide, whilst also holding jobs as an influential music industry trade journalist and radio DJ, as well as managing producer and composer Rob Dougan (aka Clubbed To Death– one of the most licensed artists for film, TV and commercials in the world at the time).


A&R Worldwide Artist Of The Week




Having cut his teeth in Sydney, Australia’s indie and psychedelic rock scene, Holyoak‘s musical journey began in a garage rock duo, cultivating a passion for DIY recording and emotionally charged music. His current sound, forged in the creative hub of Berlin, Germany, merges this raw indie/rock background with the lo-fi and electronic music scene, resulting in a distinctive approach to songwriting and musical soundscapes. His self-produced tracks seamlessly blend the electronic nuances of James Blake and Thom Yorke with the vintage warmth reminiscent of Tame Impala and Sampha. His latest single, “Hold Too Tight” delves into themes of youth and friendship through a woozy synth-pop lens, inspired by the nostalgia of growing up and navigating the complexities of leaving childhood behind. The song marries eclectic analog soundscapes reminiscent of early Beck with a stadium-ready pop sensibility. Holyoak oversaw every aspect of the new song and its overall creation. To listen to “Hold Too Tight,” click HERE. For further information pertaining to signing, publishing, sync licensing, and additional opportunities contact for signing, publishing, licensing, and additional opportunities.





Talisco , a French musician who is currently based in Paris, is renowned for his unique blend of pop-rock, indie, and electronic sounds with tribal elements inspired by epic mythological music. In his fourth album, Cinematic, he introduces French lyrics for the first time, infusing a more intimate and profound poetry into his work. This album is an ode to life, distinct from a biopic or self-portrait. Over the years, Talisco has consistently crafted remarkable pop music, establishing himself as a leading “French touch” songwriter, even a decade after his initial singles. Outside of streaming support on YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and Deezer, he has also garnered support on global radio stations including KROQ Los Angeles, KNDD Seattle, KNRK Portland, FLUX FM (Berlin, Germany), Radio 1 (Mumbai, India), Radio Doble Nueve (Lima, Peru) and many others. His latest track, “Reign,” draws inspiration from Florence and the Machine, delivering a powerful and explosive musical experience. Experience the latest music video for “Reign” HERE. For booking inquiries and more information, please contact Stéphane Merlin at


Passport Approved | Global Music Pre-Discovery

“PASSPORT APPROVED” PLAYLIST FOR Sunday, November 12th, 2023: The weekly import show. Heard on more than 50 radio stations on six continents weekly including: Flux FM Berlin, GermanyNINETYSIX Radio (Indonesia); JioSaavn (India); Radio Doble Nueve, Lima, PeruWZRH–FM New Orleans, LAKWSS “93.9FM”; Phoenix, AZKRML “102.1FM”; Carmel, CAKFRR “New Rock 104.1FM”; Fresno, CARadio 1, Mumbai, IndiaWCNR Charlottesville, VAKIWR “The River”; Council Bluffs, IA2XM Ireland (national radio); 96.2 ZFM The NetherlandsWAPS–FM “The Summit.FM”; Akron–Canton, OHWKTL–FM Youngstown, OH105.5FM XFM Nairobi, KenyaPUK–FM Johannesburg, South AfricaRock 96.5FM Zambia897 FM Bratislava, SlovakiaWITH “90.1FM”; Ithaca, NYUCFM 87.8FM Australian Capital Territory, AustraliaWRUR 88.5FM Rochester, NYWCRU–FM Hamilton, NYKZND Anchorage, AKKQCJ Quad Cities, ILAllgauhit–FM Bavaria GermanyIndie Xfm Los Angeles and on The Independent FM (iHeartRadio) in the United States, as well as many others internationally.

Listen to this two hour show by clicking HERE:

NOTHING BUT THIEVES – “Tomorrow Is Closed” (AWAL, UK)
SAHARA BECK – “Thinking Twice” (Unsigned, Australia)
EVERYONE YOU KNOW – “Coming With You” (RCA Records, UK)
KAMRAD – “I Hope You End Up Alone (With Me)” (Sony, Germany)
ONLY THE POETS – “Looking At You” (EMI, UK)
DARK TROPICS – “Carnival” (Unsigned, Ireland)
COYLE GIRELLI – “Between Us” (Unsigned, UK)
GIANT ROOKS – “Somebody Like You” (UMG, Germany)
BANNERS – “C’est La Vie” (Island Records, UK)
JACK HARRIS – “Up, Up And Away” (MNRK, N. America)
CHILDE – “Smoke & Mirrors” ([PIAS], UK)
PICTURE THIS – “Leftover Love” (RCA, Ireland)
IAMJJ FEAT. BAKER GRACE – “Different Kind Of Blues” (Mermaid, Denmark)
RHETT REPKO – “I’ve Been Feeling Down Lately” (Unsigned, N. America)
HOLYOAK – “Hold Too Tight” (Unsigned, UK)
BELDON HAIGH – “Anyway You Want It” (Unsigned, UK)
JAMIE HANNAH – “Dragonfly” (Unsigned, UK)
BLAIRE DAVIE – “Edge Of A Feeling” (Unsigned, Scotland)
ALEX SPENCER – “Do What I Wanna” (Modern Sky, UK)
SMALL TALK – “Always, Always” (Unsigned, UK)
LUKE NOA – “Flight of Birds” (Bread, Butter & Champagne, Germany)
COACH PARTY – “Be That Girl” (Chess Club Records, UK)
LIME CORDIALE – “Imposter Syndrome” (Chugg Music, Australia)
YARD ACT – “The Trench Coat Museum” (Island Records, UK)
MATTHEW MOLE – “See Me Again” (Universal Music, South Africa)
THE SHERLOCKS – “Remember All The Girls” (Unsigned, UK)
ERIN K – “Breathe” (Unsigned, UK)
BELLZZZ – “No Shoes Girl (Succession)” (Unsigned, UK)
PAUL PARTOHAP – “BESTFRiEND” (Warner Music, Indonesia)
STRABE – “Honey” ([PIAS], UK)
MASI MASI – “Comfort Me” (Unsigned, UK)
BARBERA MARI – “Torn” (Unsigned, Czech Republic)
ROGER GOMEZ – “Revolution In My Head” (Unsigned, Australia)
TRISHA – “Somewhere Else” (Universal Music India, India)



KOBALT EXTENDS WORLDWIDE AGREEMENT WITH GUNNA: Kobalt has announced it has extended its publishing deal with four-time Grammy Award-nominated, multi-platinum Atlanta rap artist Gunna. The worldwide agreement includes global sync and creative services for all of Gunna’s catalog and future songs. Originally signed to Kobalt in May 2019, Gunna is one of the fastest-rising rap artists in the last decade. He hit the U.S. Top 10 with the Lil Baby collaboration “Drip Harder” in 2018 and affirmed his position with the No.3 hit “Drip or Drown 2” (2019), followed by the critically acclaimed “WUNNA” (2020), and the No.1 compilation “Slime Language 2.” He topped the charts again with 2022’s “DS4Ever,” which was followed most recently by “A Gift and a Curse” in 2023, which features hit single “fukumean,” which also hit No.1 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart and remained in the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 20 consecutive weeks.


FORMER UNIVERSAL GERMANY A&R LAUNCHES MANAGEMENT FIRM: German music executive Leonidas Chantzaras recently announced the launch of his new boutique management company The Fabric Management, which will be based in Berlin. The new company will focus on signing songwriters, producers, and creative talent. He will continue to serve as an A&R consultant to Polydor/Island Records, Germany. For the past year he served as Director A&R at Polydor/Island and from 2018 – 2022 was Sr. A&R Universal Music (Polydor/Island). Prior to that, Leonidas was Sr. International A&R at Concord Music, Germany a role that was rolled over from his work in a similar capacity at Imagen Music Publishing which was acquired by Concord back in 2017.


CONCORD INKS GLOBAL CO-PUBLISING DEAL WITH AARON ESHUIS: Concord Music Publishing announced the signing of country songwriter and producer Aaron Eshuis. The worldwide co-publishing deal, effective immediately, includes a selection of his existing catalog and all future works. Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Aaron Eshuis has written songs recorded by Rascal Flatts, Joe Nichols, A Thousand Horses, Catie Offerman, Kameron Marlowe, Corey Kent, Cole Swindell, Kylie Morgan, Meghan Patrick, and Mason Ramsey, among many others. He scored his first No.1 hit in late 2018 with Scotty McCreery‘s “This Is It.” In addition to songwriting, Eshuis has worked to hone his production craft, earning credits on Ryan Hurd‘s debut album Pelago (2021), which included the No.1 song “Chasing After You,” and Scotty McCreery’s Seasons Change (2018), which debuted at No.1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums Chart. Additional production credits include McCreery’s “Damn Strait, “You Time,” and “It Matters to Her.” The signing was supported by Melissa Spillman, VP of A&R at Concord Music Publishing in Nashville.


Pictured clockwise are Brad Goodman, Sam Bartlett, Taryn Haight, and Guy Mason

WASSERMAN MUSIC WELCOMES FOUR NEW AGENTS: Wasserman Music has expanded its international workforce with the addition of four executives. Brad Goodman, formerly of WME, joins as Sr. Vice President in Los Angeles, bringing decades of expertise and a roster that includes Melissa Etheridge and “Weird Al” Yankovic. Sam Bartlett, with a decade of experience at CAA and ICM, becomes Vice President for Casinos/Performing Arts Centers, focusing on the U.S. Southeast, Midwest, and central Canada. Taryn Haight assumes the role of Vice President of Strategy, Electronic Music, overseeing brand-building and non-touring opportunities for electronic music artists. Guy Mason joins as Legal Counsel in the London office, supporting European Business Affairs. These additions strengthen Wasserman Music’s position as a premier global music representation agency.


KANE BROWN SELLS SELECT PUBLISHING ASSETS TO HARBOURVIEW: HarbourView Equity Partners, the investment firm led by Sherrese Clarke Soares, continues its acquisitions in the country music space with the purchase of select publishing assets from country star Kane Brown. This deal expands the company’s growing presence in country music. Since its establishment in 2021, HarbourView has acquired publishing catalogs from notable country artists like Lady A, and Brad Paisley, and the publisher share of songs from Florida Georgia Line. Kane Brown rose to fame through social media, sharing cover songs on Facebook before breaking out with viral singles like “Don’t Go City on Me” and “Used to Love You Sober.” He has since become a prominent figure in country music, achieving chart-topping success and multiple awards, including the American Music Awards and Country Music Television (CMT) awards.


Pictured L-R are Jorge Juarez; Yadira Moreno; Carin León; Jody Gerson; and Alexandra Lioutikoff (Photo credit: Jesus Fernando Espinoza).

UMPG SIGNS LATIN GRAMMY-WINNING STAR CARIN LEÓN: Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has announced that it has signed Latin Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Carin León to an exclusive, global publishing agreement. An award-winning artist from Hermosillo, Sonora in Mexico, Carin León has amazed fans and critics alike with his globally charting songs. He blends genres as evident in a discography that boasts millions of streams, including the Latin Grammy-winning song “Como Lo Hice Yo,” and a string of massive hits like “Ni me debes ni te debo,” “Te lo agradezco,” “Me haces tan bien” and more. His latest album, Colmillo de Leche, stormed into the Top 10 on Billboard‘s Top Latin Albums and Mexican Album charts. Simultaneously, several of his singles soared on Spotify‘s Global Charts including “Primera Cita”. Carin is known for his epic collaborations with artists like C. Tangana, Maluma, Mau y Ricky, Kany Garcia, Grupo Frontera, and Camilo, as well as co-writing Grupo Firme’s hit “El Tóxico.” The talented artist stands out as one of the few Música Mexican artists to record an NPR Tiny Desk Concert. León recently wrapped up his “Colmillo de Leche Tour” selling over 400,000 tickets in 38 performances across the U.S. and gearing up for a sold-out live show at Mexico City’s Plaza de Toros, which sold out in two days 50,000 tickets. Read more HERE.


ISLAND RECORDS NAMES EXECUTIVE VP HEAD OF MARKETING: Island Records, a prominent player in the music industry, has named Jay Schumer as its Executive Vice President, Head of Marketing & Business Development. In this new U.S.-based role, Schumer will take charge of steering all marketing endeavors for the label’s frontline roster and its distinctive historical catalog. Situated in New York, he will report directly to Mike Alexander, General Manager, Island Records. Schumer brings a wealth of experience to his new position, having previously served at Columbia Records, where he held the role of Executive Vice President/Co-Head of Marketing. During his tenure, Schumer orchestrated impactful campaigns for artists including Tyler, The Creator, Miley Cyrus, Blink-182, Pharrell, Polo G, AC/DC, and Dominic Fike. This appointment marks a reunion for Schumer with co-CEOs Justin Eshak and Imran Majid, with whom he collaborated at Columbia Records. The announcement of Schumer’s appointment comes on the heels of the departure of the former Head of Marketing, Sharon Timure, who opted to explore new opportunities after a 19-year tenure with the label.


LEGENDS ANNOUNCES ACQUISITION OF ASM GLOBAL: Legends, the premium experiences company backed by Sixth Street, has officially acquired ASM Global, a leading venue management firm. The merger creates a global live events powerhouse, expanding Legends’ service offerings and enhancing its ability to meet the evolving needs of sports organizations, venues, and attractions worldwide. Some of the high-profile clients of both companies include Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Dallas Cowboys, SoFi Stadium, and the Ryder Cup. ASM Global was formed in 2019 through the merger of AEG Facilities and Onex’s SMG and operates renowned venues worldwide, including the Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, and OVO Arena Wembley in London, England the financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but it is a major move that strengthens Legends’ position in the global live events market.


WMG NAMES ALEXANDRA CONDON VP PUBLIC POLICY & GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Alexandra Condon has been appointed as VP of Public Policy & Government Affairs at Warner Music Group (WMG). She will act as the music company’s primary point of contact for policymakers in the European Union and its member states, as well as the U.K. and other European countries. Her brief also includes working closely with trade associations and other stakeholders to anticipate risks and opportunities, providing strategic guidance to WMG’s leadership, and publicly advocating on behalf of the music company. Condon will be based in London and report to Mark Baker, Sr, VP, Public Policy & Government Affairs, WMG, and will also collaborate closely with senior leaders across the company’s corporate, recorded music, and publishing divisions. She joined the music company PRS for Music, the U.K. collecting society that represents publishers, songwriters, and composers, where she worked for more than a decade. Condon began her career as an Account Executive at Modus Publicity, the global creative brand communications agency, before joining PRS for Music in 2013. She rose through the ranks in the organization to become its Head of Policy and Public Affairs.


KOBALT NAMES NEW CHIEF PEOPLE & CULTURE OFFICER: Kobalt has announced that it has appointed Dylan Berthier as Chief People & Culture (P&C) Officer. In his role, Berthier will oversee Kobalt’s global P&C team. Berthier will be based in London and report to Laurent Hubert, CEO, Kobalt. An accomplished executive working at the intersection of people, change, and culture across industries including Banking, FinTech, Technology, and Entertainment – Berthier joins from Activision Blizzard, where he has held a number of leadership roles, most recently leading the change & employee experience workstream of Microsoft‘s $70 billion (USD) acquisition of Activision Blizzard. He is also a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a U.K.-based global organization that advises HR practitioners, industry leaders, and governments on HR best practices to improve organizational efficacy as well as the working lives of employees.


AMAZON JOINS OTHERS IN RECENT JOB CUTS: Tech behemoth Amazon has initiated layoffs within its music unit, as reported by Bloomberg last Wednesday. The cuts primarily targeted roles within the editorial and audio content teams, with redundancy notices reportedly issued to staff across various markets, including Latin America, North America, and Europe, according to Reuters‘ sources. This follows a trend, as last month, Amazon quietly reduced positions, including communication staff, in its Studios, Video, and Music divisions. This latest round of layoffs contributes to a larger trend at Amazon, with over 27,000 roles affected in the past year, as highlighted by Reuters. The company’s workforce reductions began in November of the previous year, initially affecting corporate and technology positions. Other tech and music industry giants, such as Spotify, Meta, Disney, BMG, WMG, Sony Music, and Universal Music Group‘s Motown Records, have also undergone staff cuts in the face of global economic uncertainty, inflation, and market turmoil. The music, media, and technology sectors could witness further layoffs in the coming months, as highlighted in the A&R Worldwide newsletter recently.


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