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The Story

A&R Worldwide played a crucial role in introducing Adele’s early music recordings to major and independent record labels in the US, while also securing her first radio support outside of the UK. As part of this effort, renowned global tastemaker and DJ Sat Bisla hosted Adele’s first-ever radio interview (outside of the UK) on the influential Passport Approved radio show.

In collaboration with Adele’s manager, Jonathan Dickins, A&R Worldwide presented her early recordings to the US A&R community, demonstrating unwavering belief and support in her exceptional talent. Despite initial skepticism from the record labels approached, A&R Worldwide remained steadfast in their conviction of Adele’s extraordinary potential.

A&R Worldwide first learned about Adele through her agent, Lucy Dickins, in 2005, and received her early music from Barry Dickins in 2006. Adele’s international potential was also highlighted in the weekly A&R Worldwide newsletter in 2005, with her booking agent, Lucy Dickins, tipping her as an artist with great promise.

The pivotal role played by A&R Worldwide in introducing Adele to the US market exemplifies their commitment to recognizing and nurturing exceptional talent.