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The Story

Prior to securing a US record deal, A&R Worldwide Founder Sat Bisla collaborated closely with Dave Holmes, then the GM of Nettwerk Music America and subsequently Coldplay’s worldwide manager for over two decades. Sat Bisla played a crucial role in obtaining Coldplay’s initial radio support in the US for their import single, “Yellow.” Several influential radio stations added the band to their official rotation, generating significant momentum for Coldplay in the US and ultimately leading to their signing with Capitol Records.

Throughout Coldplay’s early years, Sat Bisla maintained a close working relationship with Dave Holmes, providing valuable A&R insights on the band’s upcoming albums and potential singles. Furthermore, Bisla facilitated important introductions to his key relationships for Dave Holmes to essential international contacts, contributing to Coldplay’s continued ascent to global success during this pivotal period of their career.

The relationship between A&R Worldwide’s Sat Bisla and Dave Holmes showcases the power of strategic partnerships and industry expertise in propelling artists’ careers to new heights.