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The Story

Back in 1995, A&R Worldwide’s Founder, Sat Bisla, received Dido’s demos. Dido had recorded a song for her brother Rollo Armstrong’s band Faithless, both signed to UK independent label Cheeky Records, co-owned by Mel Medalie and Rollo. Recognizing Dido’s incredible voice and potential, Bisla suggested she record more songs, believing she had what it took to become a global star.

Bisla, being the first radio DJ to play Dido’s music, aired her track “Flowerstand Man” from the Faithless demo tape on KVSR-FM, a radio station in Fresno, CA. Bisla received the tape from Mel Medalie, further solidifying his belief in Dido’s talent.

For nearly two years, Bisla worked tirelessly with Cheeky Records to persuade US labels to sign Dido and Faithless and convince radio programmers to play Dido’s music. However, they faced challenges and skeptics who believed Dido wouldn’t find success in America. Bisla, ahead of the curve, wrote several articles on Dido and helped her gain recognition within the US A&R community.

In late 1996, Dido eventually signed with Clive Davis at Arista Records in the US. Bisla collaborated with Arista’s Alternative Radio promotion staff, playing a crucial role in establishing Dido as a viable artist in the US market, even before her collaboration with Eminem on the track “Stan.” Dido has since sold over 30 million albums worldwide, garnered billions of views and streams, and achieved remarkable success.

Peter Leak, Dido’s worldwide manager at the time, acknowledged Bisla’s exceptional ear for music and his extensive industry relationships and stated, “Sat Bisla has always been at the forefront of what’s really happening in music and what is about to happen in the UK, US and around the world. His Rolodex of relationships and his ear for finding new music are exceptional and truly special. He was aware of Dido and talking to people about her long before anyone else in the world and his critical early support helped her career to get started. He has also been extremely helpful in connecting us to key relationships and with radio globally. Plus, he’s just a great guy!”