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Frank Turner

The Story

British musician Frank Turner’s journey from hardcore punk to acoustic singer/songwriter is a testament to his unique musical path. After his stint with the critically acclaimed band Million Dead, A&R Worldwide played a pivotal role in supporting Frank Turner’s transition to his solo career.

Working closely with Frank Turner, his management team, and Xtra Mile Recordings, A&R Worldwide focused on developing his profile and exposure in the United States. A&R Worldwide introduced Frank Turner with record labels, radio stations, music supervisors, and booking agents, leading to a significant growth in his fan-base and media presence in the US.

A&R Worldwide’s efforts included organizing Frank Turner’s first-ever U.S. performance exclusively for the A&R Worldwide staff and a select audience in 2007. This marked the beginning of his journey towards playing shows in front of hundreds of fans across the US, accompanied by strong media support facilitated by A&R Worldwide.

Thanks to their support, Frank Turner secured a nationwide US booking agent, Caitlin Roffman at UTA in Beverly Hills, California, who was introduced to him by A&R Worldwide. This connection proved instrumental in his subsequent signing to Epitaph Records in the summer of 2009, which further propelled his career.

Since then, Frank Turner has achieved global success, showcasing the transformative power of strategic industry support and the collaborative efforts of A&R Worldwide in shaping an artist’s trajectory.