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Katy Perry

The Story

A&R Worldwide played a crucial role in Katy Perry’s early career by providing her with an opportunity to showcase her talent in front of influential music and media figures. In 2008, Katy Perry’s performance at an A&R Worldwide showcase event during MUSEXPO opened numerous doors of opportunity for her.

Jason Flom, who was the Chairman & CEO of Capitol Records & EMI North America at the time and signed Katy Perry, acknowledges the impact of A&R Worldwide’s showcase. Flom stated, “A&R Worldwide’s showcase that I did in the very early part of the career for Katy Perry got her the attention of key global tastemakers and helped to set the stage for her respective launch.”

A&R Worldwide’s support allowed Katy Perry to be seen and heard by top music and media influencers, including radio professionals, music supervisors, brand representatives, print media personnel, booking agents, and more. This exposure provided Katy Perry with a platform to showcase her talent and connect with influential industry figures.

The collaboration between A&R Worldwide and music industry heavyweight Jason Flom to provide Katy Perry with early support in her career demonstrates the power of strategic opportunities and global exposure in shaping an artist’s career trajectory.