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The Story

A&R Worldwide’s Founder, Sat Bisla, played a pivotal role in providing Muse with vital print media, radio, and music industry support beyond their local UK market. Collaborating closely with Muse’s original worldwide manager, Safta Jaffrey, Bisla worked tirelessly to secure crucial visibility, advice, and support for the band, ensuring they had ample opportunities to succeed in the US and other international markets. This support was extended to Muse even before they had a record label deal worldwide, back in 1995.

Safta Jaffrey, Muse’s long-time worldwide manager at the time, acknowledged the significant impact of Sat Bisla and A&R Worldwide, stating, “Without the early support and friendship of Sat Bisla and A&R Worldwide, Muse would not be the successful phenomenon they have become, thank you Sat and all at A&R Worldwide.”

Sat Bisla’s instrumental role in supporting Muse’s early career and A&R Worldwide’s commitment to fostering emerging talent continues to make a profound impact on the music industry.