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The Story

A&R Worldwide played a pivotal role in bringing Sia’s music to the attention of influential music supervisor Gary Calamar, known for his work on shows like “Six Feet Under,” “House,” and “True Blood.” A&R Worldwide introduced Sia’s music to US radio and the music supervision community, leading to significant opportunities for her.

Gary Calamar, alongside Thomas Golubic, worked as music supervisors on the groundbreaking HBO series “Six Feet Under,” created by Alan Ball. When they needed the perfect song to close out the series, Calamar remembered a track called “Breathe Me” by Sia, which he had been playing on his radio show on KCRW Los Angeles. 

Gary Calamar stated, “Myself, along with Thomas Golubic, were the music supervisors on HBO’s “Six Feet Under,” which was a groundbreaking show created by Alan Ball. Alan had written a unique and beautiful finale to the show, and it was our job to find the right song to close out this wonderful series. A song came to mind that I had been playing on my radio show on KCRW Los Angeles by Sia called ‘Breathe Me.’ I went back to the import CD single in my music collection and was reminded that Sia’s song was originally presented to me by Sat Bisla from A&R Worldwide. Sat Bisla to the rescue! We reached out to A&R Worldwide and they jumped right on it and gave us the information that we needed to clear this beautiful song for the TV show.”

The placement of Sia’s music in “Six Feet Under” and its inclusion in the show’s soundtrack propelled her career in the US and worldwide. This successful exposure rejuvenated Sia’s musical journey.

A&R Worldwide worked closely with Nick Gatfield, the Managing Director of Island Records UK at the time, to generate essential support for Sia within the US market. Their collaboration contributed to Sia’s growing recognition and success.

The collaboration between Gary Calamar, Nick Gatfield, and Sat Bisla exemplifies the significant impact of A&R Worldwide’s strategic partnerships and industry relationships in elevating artists’ careers.